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KEFT ART & INNOVATION is the result of projects and clients who come from the more cultural side of things. The line is fine. That’s why we cross it all the time.



KEFT proudly presents

Steinjo small square

Steinjo Grieg Halvorsen

Heavily awarded humor, music and strong conceptuals

Actor, director and composer Steinjo is undoubtedly one of Norway’s most loved humor personalities, known from TV-shows like Påpp & Råkk and Slå På Ring. With an eye for details that can kill or foster a great project, he’s quick to elegantly tie the concept together with his broad experience and often a self-produced musical masterpiece.


Andrea Eckerbom

Original characters and distinctive direction

Andrea got her editing and directing education in Australia, but a documentary about an eccentric jazz musician eventually brought her to Norway. Over the past decade, she’s produced high profile work all over Scandinavia. Her trademark is undoubtedly original characters, a unique editing rhythm and a distinctive visual style.

Besides directing, Andrea has casted over 400 commercials and feature films, such as Kon-Tiki and Max Manus. Andrea was recently hand-picked by the Norwegian broadcasting corporation to develop her original script.

Mårten fejs skalad

Mårten Lindsjö

Shaping tomorrow’s storytelling

Mårten is a thoroughgoing storyteller. A vivid narrator with strong visuals and an unconventional approach to whatever project comes his way.

Due to his former music career, Mårten’s work is a lot about emotion, rhythm and pace. And a lot about humor. His latest reel includes work for some of the most colorful clients on the Nordic market, such as IKEA, Angry Birds and Viasat.

Mårten has written and directed several documentaries and drama shorts for Sweden’s biggest TV stations; SVT and TV4.


Martin Gautron

An artist without the concept of limitations

Martin Gautron is a French director and artist, currently based in Norway. He has a background in stage design for theatre and television, and loves special effects. One of Martin’s greatest signatures is his ability to constantly create new tools and methods in order to realize even the most far-out and unique ideas.

Having worked with renowned institutions like The Pompidou Center, The Quai Branley Museum, The Louvre and the Parisian Subway, Martin is now ready to take on Scandinavia.

Amanda liten

Amanda Adolfsson

The voice of youth 

Amanda has a BA in Film Directing from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. She has worked mainly as a writer/director for fiction and her acclaimed feature debut Young Sophie Bell (2015) is now shown on cinemas across the country. In combination with this, Amanda works on features, TV-dramas, commercials and shorts.

Amanda has an eye for intimate situations that the audience easily can identify with. Her tone is cinematic – she loves poetical, romantic and sensual situations – in addition to her fondness of portraying everyday life with a touch of magic.


The work of our directors.

The Human Sushi – Maki by Steinjo Grieg Halvorsen

The Human Sushi – Nigiri by Steinjo Grieg Halvorsen

Påkk & Råkk Teaser by Steinjo Grieg Halvorsen

Helsedirektoratet – 30 minutes a Day! by Steinjo Grieg Halvorsen

Eldorado Kvarg by Andrea Eckerbom

Frödinge American Pecan Pie by Andrea Eckerbom

Statoil Martin Ödegaard by Andrea Eckerbom

Client: Statoil

Posten Julfilm by Andrea Eckerbom

Client: Posten


Flygresor by Mårten Lindsjö

Client:, Agency: Robert German by Mårten Lindsjö


Showtime Idents (Sci-Fi, Action, Horror) by Mårten Lindsjö

Ident for TV-channel Showtime (Europe)

Client: Turner Broadcasting

Viasat by Mårten Lindsjö

Client: Viasat, Agency Lowe Brindfors

Angry Birds by Mårten Lindsjö

Client: Rovio / Angry Birds, Agency: DDB Stockholm

XYZT Design, engineering and construction experience by Martin Gautron

Check out the behind the scenes flickr here

Folktandvården Andas Riktigt Nära by Amanda Adolfsson

Agency: Zellout
Client: Folktandvården

Folktandvården Skratta Högt by Amanda Adolfsson

Agency: Zellout
Client: Folktandvården

Folktandvården Ät kola när du är 92 by Amanda Adolfsson

Selected cuts by Amanda Adolfsson

Amanda Adolfsson Excerpts



KEFT directors are involved in several longer formats. Here are some:

Chainsaws, Short Film

Client: SVT

Angry Birds Content

Client: Rovio / Angry Birds, Agency: DDB Stockholm

Petter Documentary

Client: TV4

My Love, Short Film (Eng subtitles)

Client: SVT

OLW Webisodes

Client OLW, Agency: Åkestam Holst
Check out the full episodes of OLW Chipskampen here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Unga Sophie Bell, Feature (Breidablick Filmproduktion)



KEFT is sprung out of decades of film, digital and advertising experience and we’re driven by our love for well-told and well-executed stories.

KEFT actively works for a sustainable future. As long as we, and our subcontractors, fulfill our clients’ demands, we will make all our purchases from an environmentally friendly aspect. Our view on the environment is visible in everything we do, from transport to choosing catering companies, to supporting associates in acting consciously. Join us on our quest to influence the industry to work in a fashion that allows the earth to recover.

KEFT is a company aiming to always be 100 percent gender equal. That means from staffing productions, office employing and not least when signing up directors and producers. We firmly believe this will benefit our working atmosphere as well as helping us keeping a fresh view on our work and the world we live in.

KEFT supports the concept of being nice and kind, and has no understanding – what so ever – of people who don’t.

KEFT believes in having fun, working hard and making results.


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